Impy Robotics Club

IMPY Robo club will introduce the kids to the fascinating world of “Robotics”. Our life is full of automation and gadgets working all around us, and their dominance is increasing with every passing day. These activities intend to make the kid understand the basic concept automation and help them utilize the same for future application.

What we do?

Robo Club is a place where we make the kids build their own robots to perform some specific task. Along with the state of the art kits, we also teach them how to make the motors, what make the LED glow, how they can design their own sensors and what is required to make the machine of the future.

How we do it?

Our team members conduct the activity every week, where the kids are introduced to single topics like Gears, motors, sensors, logic gates, resistors, capacitors, diode and many similar basic electronic concepts. Instead of teaching them hard core electronics, or instructors introduce the concept in very fun filled and interesting way. Kids are encouraged to find the possible usages of these components. Post discussion every kids are invited to build a simple circuit using the component and analyse its working. Our team member explain the basic principle of the component in as simple language as possible, e.g. “Diode act as a one side door”. Gradually kids are taught how to combine two of more components to device complex circuits. To keep the interest flowing, we introduce complex RC controlled as well as automated kits to the kids and guide them to implement them.

What We Achieve?

• Kids understand the working principal of complex electronic component in simple language.
• Hand on working with individual component guide the kids about what is used, and why it is used.
• Making simple circuits which can perform simple tasks, help them achieve confidence.
• Open discussion about futuristic machine encourages them to think openly, and boost their imagination.
• Explaining the concept to the kids, and then witnessing the same in working result in effective learning.
• Collaborative approach is the key to success in any corporate/academic environment.


Who Are We?

We are a team of highly trained group of edutainment professional, under the guidance of Electronic manufacturing professionals. Our association with renowned authority of Robotics, well position us in implementing such program.

Eligibility : Beginner level 0: Class 1 to 2, Basic level 1-Class 3 to 5, Intermediate level 2-Class 6 to 8, Advance level 3- class 9-10
Duration : One Hour per week, 12 sessions in each term (Jun-Oct & Nov- Apr)
Dates :As per school discretion
Timing : As per school discretion
Fees : Available on request

20 seats are available for each batch. Admissions will be available on first come first serve basis only.